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Michael Mouris' videos are really, really fun to watch

So, my friend Stephanie turned me on to this amazing animation made by Michael Mouris about Courtney Love, The Dark Night of the Soul. I know I’m about a month late, since it hit the webs this September. I live in Miami; we’re late for everything here! He was commissioned to create the film by Mrs. Cobain herself, which amusingly “documents” the transition of the crazed singer from the backward, perpetual adolescent we all know to the kind of person who can afford, and actually buys, a Birkin bag.

Also, I wanted to share this song with you. I loved it, loved it, loved it, and then I realized it was Dominic Bisignano’s, our friend from Call With Questions. It made me think about things, like spiders, and where they hang out. And then I went out to get ice cream, and there was a spider on my driver’s side window. It was white and scary, but it’s eating all the bugs in my car now.

Lastly, since you didn’t get enough Bjork yesterday, here’s my new personal favorite Bjork anything, and wtf, more Bjork today, and on Garance Dore of all places.

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