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A Neighborly Written Exchange In Greenpoint
Dispatches from New York

So a while back I spent a Saturday unsuccessfully searching for a night stand or an endtable or really ANYTHING to put a lamp on top of.

I returned home, empty-handed and exhausted, to a perfectly sized, perfectly colored night stand sitting on the steps of my apartment building. I left a note (which you can see below, and really is the whole point of this story) under a can on top of it. Later that night the stand was gone but the note and the can remained with a return message appended to it:

… and on the reverse side:

I have to be 100% honest: I like the drawing of the dinosaur much more than I did the night stand.

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That’s too darn awesome! LoL!

— Mo · Oct 14, 11:33 AM · #

restores my faith in humanity a tiny bit.

— anniepoohster · Oct 14, 12:50 PM · #

So awesome.

Aaron Curtis · Oct 14, 01:35 PM · #

only in brooklyn.

— jes · Oct 18, 05:53 PM · #

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