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Farley Aguilar: a pantless painter with pepperonis under his shirt

When you call Farley Aguilar announcing your imminent arrival, he often has been known to say, “I just have to put my pants on.” Truly a man after my own heart.

Farley is a good dancer, a proficient guitarist, and an incredibly talented painter. This Saturday at Spinello Gallery he will be seen with a drink in his hand at his second solo show. His paintings are the stuff of which my dreams are made. There are witches, zombies that aren’t annoying, circus folk, and crazy-eyed wolves. His mythology isn’t copied from Greek memories, but arises from some other brilliant place. He creates his own spooky, yet somewhat familiar, dramas on canvas.

I’ve written too much ass-kissy stuff about the man in the past. So this time, I took a second last weekend to crawl over to his house for a forced interview, you know, so that he can kiss his own ass.

My questions sucked, so I’m editing them down from nonsensical retard drivel to short, comprehensible blather.

ET: This is the first time you’ll be showing a video piece. Can you indicate the tone of the work?

FA: It kind of is a little dark, but it might be seen as a little cheesy. It’s not terrifying or anything, but I definitely watch a lot of film, and I really want to do video, and I didn’t know if it was going to work, cause I don’t have the technical knowhow. So, I had to ask people for help. But I had the idea and, uh, I wanted to try it, and I think it looks fine, I’m happy with it, and I want to do more in the future.

farley aguilar

ET: I’m your second biggest fan.

FA: I have two fans?

ET: Yes, me and that lady in the other room.
Can you briefly describe your art work?

farley aguilar drawing

FA: Well, usually, I try to tell some sort of like a story within the painting, and I’m not too worried about making commentary, like art commentary at least, at this point with images. I’m more interested in telling stories.

ET: Is each a story unto itself, or do the paintings (and now video) speak to each other?

FA: Anything that speaks will have something to say to something else when it’s hung close together. I’m definitely interested in the narrative within the show and I haven’t really done anything like talk about art in general, like art history. It always does in someways, but I’m more interested in the smaller little micro-narrative that is my own.

One thing that kind of interests me that I see in other people is like they make art that relates to their daily life, but I make stuff that I’m not sure what the hell it has to do with. Because, I get an idea right before I go to sleep, or usually when I’m taking a shower, something will click when I’m not thinking about it at all.

farley aguilar zombies

ET: Is it like a fantasy world you enter, or something?

FA: I don’t know, but that’s interesting. I’ve never had a pet cat or dog, or any sort of animal. I don’t believe in any sort of religious thing. I’m not into ceremonies, witches. I don’t know anything about that, and somehow that’s what comes out, which is really strange.

ET: I can see how creating art or writing about your life can be boring, because you’re already doing your life.

FA: I can see how people do that, like most of the things I see, like friends with their art, I just don’t know. It doesn’t happen.

ET: Is it cause your life is really boring?

FA: No, my life is basically getting up to make a picture, so I don’t know.

ET: So, basically your life is boring.
(I laugh here)

FA: I get very bored of boring. Life usually is boring, so I get bored, and do stupid stuff.
(at this point Kizzy comes in with a story)
I ripped my shirt open. I was hanging out with Otto, and he was supposed to play at this place, and we got a bottle and we were just hanging around forever. He was supposed to finally go on stage, and I was like, “All right!” cause I was invited to the stage too. Then I was like, I’m going to show these pepperoni nipples!

So, I’m ripping it open, and by the time we get on stage, he did one song and a half, cause it was too late or something. I felt like it was the most anti-climactic shirt pepperoni rip. I got a little bit saggy about it; my pepperonis did.

At least I’ve got my ripped shirt.

It was my only clean shirt.

Check out Farley’s beautiful work at Spinello in the Design District at 7ish or some time like that.

farley aguilar shirt

Photo shoot with nipples!

farley aguilar the man

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Excellent write-up.

i love the candids in typical-tropical home/studio (cuban floor tiles, window gates, homecheapo walls).

Aguilar is the crazed Chagall of the shwamp.

swampthing · Oct 9, 10:35 AM · #

i like the way you dress man, hope I’ll get to see you next time I come ! give me your phone number again !

chevillon · Oct 10, 03:55 AM · #

how utterly annoying…

— blanket · Oct 11, 05:05 PM · #

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