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Other quasi-ironic deaths I would *not* like to see

seyway Significantly less funny then Atkins possibly dying because of congestive heart failure, but not without a double-scoop of irony: Segway company owner dies in apparent Segway accident. You can play this game all day. Here are the ways that some of our temporary heroes most certainly will not die:

  • Tony Hayward, in yet another explosion while touring a BP oil rig
  • Al Gore, crushed beneath a collapsing glacier
  • Pastor Terry Jones, tragic cross-burning accident
  • John McCain, shot accidentally by one of the Minutemen
  • The guy from Man vs. Food, in any of a hundred different appropriate ways
  • Any cast member or Jersey Shore, alcohol poisoning/drunk driving accident/in a brawl/skin cancer (the first two would also work for Lindsay Lohan)

Anyone else have any suggestions? General Stanley McChrystal? Stephen Colbert? Ann Coulter?



Ann Coulter dies while getting married to a black lesbian?

… too contrived?

John · Sep 27, 01:47 PM · #

Osama bin Laden dying in a plane crash,

Ozzy Osbourne via decapitation,

Japanese fisherman eaten by a whale,

The Large Hadron Collider creates a mini black hole which then wanders over to Cambridge, England, where it ingests Dr. Stephen Hawking in mid-lecture…

— Jon · Sep 28, 05:24 PM · #

Nice. I was trying to work out something with the LHC, but that nails it. Alice Cooper was the one with the guillotine I think?

— alesh · Sep 29, 08:10 PM · #

Yeah but Ozzy chewed the head off a bat. Anyway the others were 2nd-rate – the LHC is the only one I should have posted. It has an almost xkcd-like quality, if I may presume

— Jon · Oct 1, 10:30 AM · #

I like the whale one. Whale Wars!!

EAT · Oct 1, 12:04 PM · #

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