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September artwalk

september artwalk miami

How about this: Like a phoenix rising from the heat of August, in September the Miami artwalk reinvents itself, and learns to fly anew. Ok, really the season more officially starts in October, and I got out of the house late and missed all the galleries around Snitzer, but all evidence indicated that Miami’s art scene really is becoming something. Here’s a spraycan-lid barfing skull by graffiti crew TYPOE at Spinello. Can you smell it? Stinks like Basel, baby. Basel.

september artwalk miami

Also by TYPOE, a series of these charming letters. Also, a big-ass concrete sculpture of the word DOPE (based on Robert Indiana’s LOVE?).

september artwalk miami

Next door, a post-apocalyptic installation at Locust Projects by Valerie Hegarty, replete with dead palm leaves, one of those three-dee paintings on the floor, a mural-sized photo of South Beach, and paper mache birds.

september artwalk miami

The winner of the evening was Nellie Appleby’s installation of gently manipulated plants and other natural objects (but mostly plants) at Dimensions Variable.

september artwalk miami

For instance, zoom in on arugula sprouted out of the head of a toothbrush. Elsewhere, there was nice clusters of fairly ordinary potted trees. Also video pieces and a couple of cyanotypes(!), though the charmingly unpretentious press release avoids any big Statement of Purpose and instead points out that some of the work will be eaten at dinner parties held during the run of the show.

september artwalk miami

Jill Cannady’s series of paintings upstairs in Bernice Steinbaum’s project room, The Naturalists, was rather nice. (I had some funky color balance which I only partially corrected, so these probably don’t look quite right.)

september artwalk miami

Wonderfully painted and totally enigmatic. (But can I say something? The Tatiana Parcero show downstairs was crazy bad. A collection of manipulated photographs that amounted to a quarter-assed Shirin Neshat knockoff, it could have been a parody of the sort of stuff I usually see in Steinbaum’s ground-floor gallery.)

september artwalk miami

Our pal Vanessa Monokian‘s near-monumental installation at Hardcore, which featured her usual little monsters in extreme small and large sizes, infiltrating the entrance area of the gallery. Not to be missed is her beautiful new video.

september artwalk miami

Elsewhere, a soft unicycle. I do not ordinarily have much tolerance for Oldenburg= jokes, but this one was knitted and charming.

september artwalk miami

Meanwhile, by the time we got to Castillo at 9:54, the lights were off and they were starting to usher people out (and actively blocking anyone from going out to the back patio). We shall endeavor to be more serious about this next month!




you can feel the art season is upon us. things are getting good now

— Ralf · Sep 16, 01:24 PM · #

I’m sorry I missed it this month. Miami’s bourgeoning art scene makes me happy.

Melissa · Sep 17, 08:33 PM · #

miami bourgeoisie art zine maketh me nappy

swampthing · Sep 18, 06:33 PM · #

Am I coming back for Basel? Hmm.

John · Sep 20, 02:38 PM · #

Thanks for writing about my work at Dimensions Variable! We have another opening with a new group of my work for the october artwalk, the 9th.
I’d love to meet you! Nellie

nellie · Oct 3, 03:27 PM · #

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