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Jennifer the Leopard: a band of grown women

Video edited by birthday girl and THL contributor Amanda Leah

Jennifer the Leopard, known also as J-Lep, is an all-woman musical and performance art group living in Los Angeles. I held an ichat interview with them not too long ago to talk about the band and their new T-shirt line with Obey Clothing.

Two band members are original Miami bros, Stephanie Hutin and Marissa Mayer, and the other two lovely ladies, Lauren Fisher and Lana Kim, are gals we wish were original Miami bros.

Make sure to enjoy the part where our pets kiss transcontinentally.

Here’s another J-Lep vid to whet your J-Lep palette.

Lookin’ Good, Feelin’ Fine by J Lep from Lauren Fisher on Vimeo.

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Love the interview and the Music Video!

— J. Gross · Sep 15, 01:58 PM · #

Hello, this is Stephanie, of J Lep. I would just like to say hello to my home town of Miami and a big thank you to Amanda and Liz for creating the BEST INTERVIEW OF ALL TIME.

Stephanie · Sep 15, 03:21 PM · #

jlep has brought many followers together in the common interest of celebrating the many wonderful songs and experiences each of these wonderful women bring to each of their performances…they are brave…they are joyous..they are JLEP !!!

— Gayle · Sep 15, 05:13 PM · #

JLEP’s deconstructed rifts and melodies with crass undertones parodies the iconic Ramones.

Bravo, ladies.

When are you playing in Florida?

— Emma · Sep 15, 08:36 PM · #

coconut grove and the rest of miami salutes the innovative music of j-lep as do the proud moms shelli[mom/mother of marissa]

— shelli perl · Sep 15, 10:07 PM · #

this interview is great! bravo to amanda, liz, and all the powerful lady-lovliness of the j-lep crew!
p.s. i especially enjoyed the pet smooch.

— nico. · Sep 19, 11:13 AM · #

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