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... and then she told me about an awful Tommy Lee song about the kid he had with Pamela Anderson
Dispatches from New York

“So I was walking down Keap, not far from the Lorimer L stop, when I came across a half-black guy and a peroxide blonde girl making out hard in the middle of the sidewalk. The best part was his car door was still open with the engine running with some blues song BLASTING out. I had to stop and ask myself ‘did I just walk into a fucking Levis commercial?’” – Gispert

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Give her a hug for me.

EAT · Aug 24, 09:22 PM · #

Dude, strings AND piano?!?!? WTF???!!! This is MC not friggin Poison!!!!!! Argh!!!

— RBP · Aug 25, 04:55 PM · #

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