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The singularity cometh

god The singularity, people. It’s when machines become smarter then us. What happens then? They can design machines smarter then themselves, and those machines then design smarter machines still, and we get a rapid escalation of machine intelligence with consequences that are utterly impossible to predict.

When does it happen? Nobody knows, but maybe soon — it sounds like computers are starting to be able to figure more and more shit out. Get ready, the our machine overloards may not be far off.




They better know how to plug themselves into an electrical source. Because once those machines start acting up, I’m cutting the power!

— Mister Arrow · Aug 20, 04:51 PM · #

Better yet, let’s build in a safeword!

All kidding aside, there are computer systems even today with redundant levels of power backup. Before they become super-intelligent, machines will become super essential, and cutting the power will not be that easy. “Consequences that are utterly impossible to predict.”

But forget that for a second! Here’s another thought experiment I love: One day, we’ll have computers so powerful that they’ll be able to simulate a WHOLE UNIVERSE. Soon thereafter, toys you get with your kids happy-meal will be able to simulate a whole universe. MEANING there will be more artificial universes in existence than “real” universes. MEANING that it’s almost a statistical certainty that OUR universe is a simulation running on some hyper-dimensional kid’s toy computer.

alesh · Aug 20, 07:16 PM · #

I wrote a novel about the subject with that title!

The Price of Free Will: The Singularity Cometh.

Christopher Dorda · Aug 22, 02:20 AM · #

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